Thursday, April 12, 2012

Netduino - Quick update...

I am still testing my aquarium control board, I have found a ground issue that is affecting the shift registers and in turn the TLC5940s. This is something that may take a while to solve and probably a lot of continuity testing and a bit of solder work.

My overall testing is going well at the moment, I have my shift register fully tested and working, bar the above ground issue. The realtime clock is working thanks to a little help from Stefan. Nevyn has lent my an oscilloscope while I find one, this has been great as I have started to learn how to use a scope and how to interpret the results which will be helpful for when I get one. The scope was a necessity in order to test the oscillator circuit and the TLCs PWM output. So far I have managed to find a few faults in the soldering of the oscillator and TLC circuits, I now have a square wave coming out of the oscilator, a saw tooth on the BLANK signal (which may need looking at) and I have managed to get an LED to light on the TLCs. Sadly this doesn't round of the testing of the TLCs and oscillator as the LED was kind of strobing along to the "Breath" code rather than smoothly diming in and out with a constant light. Again this may be related to the ground issue, but I have a feeling I need to further test the clock and BLANK signals.


I have just ordered the new Netduino Go, the shield base and the touch screen display from Nwazet.

Can't wait!

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