Sunday, August 28, 2011

Netduino - LCD Fixed! Refreshing...

Ok I am getting back on track with my project, the lcd display is better than ever, I have extra functionality, can clear blocks as well as clear the whole screen and most significantly....


This is what I did, if you get the sparkfun lcd YOU WILL NEED TO DO THIS.

Here is the lcd:
Here is the new firmware:

You will need:

AVR ISP Mk2 (or similar product):
AVR Studio 5:

Simply connect up the isp to the 6 holes on the back of the serial display and power the board like this:

Then all you need to do is go in to avr sudio and go on to the programmer option, select the avrisp mk2 and the atmega168 and connect. You should have 2 green leds on the programmer, to test the connection click read on all the various values. It is also worth doing this to have a backup of the original firmware.

Next unzip the firmware, then in avr studio browse for the main.hex file in the flash memory.

Erase the device
Then program the new main.hex on

Thats it!