Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Netduino - Project Update

My prototype control board is now completely soldered up now.

I still need to do some testing, but I have powered it all up and it didn't set on fire, so I'm hoping all is well.

The main improvement is that the TLC59040s are fully soldered up.

I'm going to test all the various functions over the next month and will also be purchasing the various components I need for my LED drivers, relay enclosure and relay control board.

Here are a few pictures of the control board so far...


  1. Nice looking project ... I also do a lot of work with the netduino. If you're interested I have an enclosure for it which will help clean up wiring. If you'd to a post with the enclosure and give it a review on your blog, I'd be happy to let you have it for free. My site is

    1. Hi Hunter,

      I would happily review your enclosure for you, at a glance it looks quite interesting and I'm sure could help many netduino/ arduino users. Send me some details and I will see what I can do.